Meet CryStyle

Meet CryStyle: Las Vegas Hair Salon Stylist

CryStyle of Las Vegas, Wedding Photo

Why spend $$$ on anxiety pill prescriptions or psychiatrist visits when you can spend a fun filled hour with CryStyle. She considers herself a hair artist and is very talented from trendy to corporate. Desire for this form of art began at the young age of seven giving roller sets to her dolls. She began cosmetology school age 16 at Vo-Tech High School and graduated in June 2000. Before graduation her mentor pulled her aside and said she would make it big someday. He was right! Now with over 7+ years of experience her business has grown daily through word of mouth/referrals with high points that include working on American Idol 1st season with Kelly Clarkson and other productions. Her master pieces are nothing short of breath taking. Give her a call and soon you too, can be a walking piece of art.

Visit: for more info on pricing location and large portfolio.



  1. Hi my hair is dark brown and I would like to get highlights. I’ve had highlights in the past but every time I go to a hair stylist they tell me they can give me the color highlights I want, and it always comes out horrible. So I’ve left my hair alone and havn’t colored it for almost a year. I would like to get blonde highlights that don;t look bronzed or orange looking. More like WHITE blonde throughout to make my hair look light brown, and not streaked like a skunk. Can I make an appointment with you to see if you can achieve the look I am looking for? Thank you so much!

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