Posted by: hottiehair | October 15, 2010

Hottie Hair: Las Vegas; Highlighting Tips for Hot Hair

Highlights can be fun but overall should give you a natural beautiful look. Big stripes in exact intervals just does not say natural, done right they should be irregular in size, width and spaced in a way that isn’t exact.

A good hairdresser will have a sound understanding of how to blend and weave a natural pattern to create a finish that radiates and brings life to your appearance. Less highlights is key to making this happen.

Make sure you go to someone who specializes and is a professional at coloring. This is something you want to make sure is done right. Plus if you have any questions there is no better person to ask then a pro. They will usually have suggestions that will really fit your look the best.

It’s also a good idea to bring some photos but don’t expect to get an exact copy because every one has a unique look and your stylist can take the idea and make it fit you and give you a look that you will really love.

Master Hair Stylist in Las Vegas

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