Posted by: hottiehair | May 2, 2008

Hottie Hair: Las Vegas; Hair Mistakes to Avoid

There are a number of different hair mistakes that most women make. One of the main reasons is because they do not realize that what they are doing can actually cause a lot of damage to their hair. Here are some of the common hair mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Common Hair Mistake #1: Avoid Wearing Tight Ponytails

There is no doubt that tight ponytails may look good. Unfortunately, wearing tight ponytails on a regular basis can be very damaging to your hair. The reason is because they can cause breakage. If you want to continue wearing ponytails, the best thing to do is create looser ones by opting for a scrunchy rather than a tight elastic band. Also try cutting down on how often you wear them.

Common Hair Mistake #2: Don’t Overuse Hair Styling Products

Most people use at least one hair styling product, such as hairspray, gel or mousse. What most people do not realize, however, is that overusing hair styling products can be very bad for the hair. Not only will it cause your hair to experience damage, but it may also cause you to develop dandruff. The best thing to do is limit yourself to a certain amountof one hair styling product when you choose to use it or go natural whenever possible.

Common Hair Mistake #3: Always Use Leave-in Conditioner

A lot of people neglect to use leave-in conditioner when styling their hair. It is really important to make sure you do. Even if your hair is not already dry, it can always use more moisture to prevent the problem from occurring. Using leave-in conditioner, in combination with the regular usage of a good moisturizing conditioner, whenever possible is always a good idea.

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