Posted by: hottiehair | April 23, 2008

Hottie Hair: Las Vegas; Add Spring Color – But Don’t Overdo It

There’s no better way to transition from winter to spring than by adding bright colors into your now overly-muted ensembles. But there’s no need to be garish about it — just add a bit of peak-a-boo color under a jacket, with a pair of stylish new heels or even an unexpectedly bright handbag. Read on for some easy examples.

My personal covetous favorites of the moment are the electric jewel tones showing up in the shoe aisle. Check out these blue wedge heels from BCBG.

But it’s not just blue that I’m coveting. How about these awesome sling back wedges from Nine West (they come in orange or pink satin)?

Picture these bright beauties with an otherwise neutral outfit: dark denim, charcoal trousers, even a monotone suit with a blouse from the same family of jewel tone. I love this pretty top (great with the blue shoes) and shell from Banana Republic.

Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not encouraging you be too matchy-matchy. But by mixing and matching these pieces subtly (using layering to downplay their presence) you’ll actually amp up the style power of the color.

I’m not one for overspending on handbags, but my general rule of thumb is as long as the design is simple, it will probably hold up over several seasons. And it’s so easy to add color to many different outfits when you have a few bags in interesting colors!

Check out this nice green hobo bag by Lucky. It’s not too pricey, and the great shade of green gets noticed but doesn’t steal the show.

I just love this simple bag from Cole Haan. It will add pizzazz to your look, but will also translate well over time and season. Imagine it again in the fall against a backdrop of gorgeous leaves! It’s definitely on the pricey side, but I can guarantee you it is very well made.

And you can’t go wrong with this russet beauty from Ann Taylor, which will also look great this fall. Bags are the easiest way to start the climb out of winter’s blues and into spring’s hues.

Also invest in a colorful spring jacket of the overcoat variety. Here’s a great one to start with from the Gap. I love the yellow and the green if you can pull it off — remember, don’t decide ahead of time that you can’t. Try this on!

This longer green coat from Ann Taylor Loft just screams spring (without being too shrill).

So even if March came in like a lion, make sure you ease into color, and keep in mind that it should always look like you’re wearing your clothes, not vice versa.

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